The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 3 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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401 Electrical experiments on amber.
Page 10
25 4 from the bottom: for pasquenades, read pasquinades.
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Page 80
Guericke first observed the repulsive power of electricity, and the light and noise produced by it.
Page 124
Give him the electrised bottle in his hand.
Page 143
At the same instant the rod on the other side delivered a spark into the spoon, and fired the spirit; the electric fire returning to the coating of the bottle, through the handle of the spoon and the supported wire connected with them.
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Page 171
I have already made this paper too long, for which I must crave pardon, not having now time to abridge it.
Page 189
Page 197
To represent these by an experiment, take two or three locks of fine loose cotton, connect one of them with the prime conductor by a fine thread of two inches (which may be spun out of the same lock by the fingers) another to that, and the third to the second, by like threads.
Page 210
Electrical fluid agrees with lightning in these particulars: 1.
Page 224
Collinson, and ****'s letter to yourself, which I have read with a great deal of pleasure, and am much obliged to you for.
Page 231
It is extremely sensible of any alteration in the state of the included air, and fully determines that controverted point, Whether there be any heat in the electric fire? By the enclosed draught, and the following description, you will readily apprehend the construction of it.
Page 250
_ ----"I had a set of electrical points, consisting of three prongs, of large brass wire tipt with silver, and perfectly sharp, each about seven inches long; these were rivetted at equal distances into an iron nut about three quarters of an inch square, and opened at top equally to the distance of six or seven inches from point to point, in a regular triangle.
Page 259
The heads might be lined separately, the tin wrapping a little round their edges.
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Page 276
Rittenhouse, our astronomer, has informed me, that having observed with his excellent telescope, many conductors that are within the field of his view, he has remarked in various instances, that the points were melted in like manner.
Page 292
Ces premieres personnes arrivant successivement, n'osient approcher qu'à 10 ou 12 pas de la machine; & à cette distance, malgré le plein soleil, ils voyoient les étincelles & entendoient le bruit.
Page 321
_Houses_, remarks on covering them with copper, ii.
Page 331
_ pecuniary bargains between the governors and assembly of, 165.