The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 3 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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of justice_,
established within the precincts of said jurisdictions, have, as
they ought of right to have, all those jurisdictions and powers "as
fully and amply to all intents and purposes whatsoever, as the courts
of king's bench, common pleas, and exchequer, within his majesty's
kingdom of England, have, and ought to have, and are empowered to
give judgment and award execution thereupon[108]."

Hence it is, that by the possession enjoyment and exercise of his
majesty's _great seal_, delivered to his majesty's governor, there
is established within the precincts of the respective jurisdictions
all the same and like _powers of chancery_ (except where by charters
specially excluded) as his majesty's chancellor within his majesty's
kingdom of England hath, and of right ought to have, by delivery
of the great seal of England.--And hence it is, that all the like
rights, privileges and powers, follow the use, exercise and
application of the great seal of each colony and plantation within
the precincts of said jurisdiction, as doth, and ought of right to
follow the use, exercise, and application of the great seal.

Hence also it is, that _appeals in real actions_, "whereby the lands,
tenements, and hereditaments of British subjects may be drawn into
question and disposed of[109]," do not lie, as of right and by law
they ought not to lie, to the king in council.

Hence also it is, that there is _not_ any law now in being,
whereby _the subject_ within said colonies and plantations can be
_removed[110] from the jurisdiction to which he is amenable_ in
all his right, and through which his service and allegiance must
be derived to the crown, and from which no appeal lies in criminal
causes, so as that such subject may become amenable to a jurisdiction
foreign to his natural and legal resiancy; to which he may be thereby
transported, and under which he may be brought to trial and receive
judgment, contrary to the rights and privileges of the subject, as
declared by the spirit and intent and especially by the 16th § of
the habeas corpus act. And if the person of any subject within the
said colonies and plantations _should_ be seized or detained by any
power issuing from any court, without the jurisdiction of the colony
where he then had his legal resiancy, it would become the duty of the
courts of justice _within_ such colony (it is undoubtedly of their
jurisdiction so to do) to issue the writ of _habeas corpus_[111].

Hence also it is, that in like manner as "the _command and
disposition of the militia, and of all forces by sea and land_,

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