The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 3 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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have made and issued this present edict,

"Whereas it is well known to all the world, that the first German
settlements made in the island of Britain, were by colonies of
people, subjects to our renowned ducal ancestors, and drawn from
their dominions, under the conduct of Hengist, Horsa, Hella, Uffa,
Cerdicus, Ida, and others; and that the said colonies have flourished
under the protection of our august house, for ages past, have never
been emancipated therefrom, and yet have hitherto yielded little
profit to the same: and whereas we ourself have in the last war
fought for and defended the said colonies, against the power of
France, and thereby enabled them to make conquests from the said
power in America, for which we have not yet received adequate
compensation: and whereas it is just and expedient that a revenue
should be raised from the said colonies in Britain towards our
indemnification; and that those who are descendants of our ancient
subjects, and thence still owe us due obedience, should contribute to
the replenishing of our royal coffers: (as they must have done, had
their ancestors remained in the territories now to us appertaining)
we do therefore hereby ordain and command, that, from and after
the date of these presents, there shall be levied and paid to our
officers of the _customs_, on all goods, wares, and merchandizes,
and on all grain and other produce of the earth, exported from the
said island of Britain, and on all goods of whatever kind imported
into the same, a duty of four and a half per cent ad valorem, for
the use of us and our successors.--And that the said duty may more
effectually be collected, we do hereby ordain, that all ships or
vessels bound from Great Britain to any other part of the world, or
from any other part of the world to Great Britain, shall in their
respective voyages touch at our port of Koningsberg, there to be
unladen, searched, and charged with the said duties.

"And whereas there hath been from time to time discovered in the
said island of Great Britain, by our colonists there, many mines or
beds of _iron_-stone; and sundry subjects of our ancient dominion,
skilful in converting the said stone into metal, have in time past
transported themselves thither, carrying with them and communicating
that art; and the inhabitants of the said island, presuming that
they had a natural right to make the best use they could of the
natural productions of their country, for their own benefit, have
not only built furnaces for smelting the said stone into iron, but

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