The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 3 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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Concerning the dissentions between England and America 310

A Prussian edict, assuming claims over Britain 311

Preface by the British editor (Dr. Franklin) to "The votes and
proceedings of the freeholders, and other inhabitants of the town
of Boston, in town-meeting assembled according to law (published
by order of the town), &c." 317

Account of governor Hutchinson's letters 322

Rules for reducing a great empire to a small one, presented to a late
minister, when he entered upon his administration 334

State of America on Dr. Franklin's arrival there 346

Proposed vindication and offer from congress to parliament, in
1775 347

Reprobation of Mr. Strahan's parliamentary conduct 354

Conciliation hopeless from the conduct of Great Britain to

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188 Saved without Baptism 299 Scene in a Hotel 314 Sectarianism 357 Self-laudation 328 Shorter Catechism of Universalians 446 Small Improprieties and Annoyances 409 Speak Pleasantly 179 Spirit of Indifference 118 Some Things can not be Settled 50 Sound Men 225 Subtleties about Immersion 92 Suggestions to a Young Sceptic .
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Human Creeds 438 The Cause of Christ is Above Partisan Politics 469 The Christian Ministry 44 The Church in the Wilderness .
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Let us assert and maintain its authority, and carry it through the world.
Page 62
There is light in the Bible to save the world, or the world is lost.
Page 71
They neither enter the kingdom themselves nor will they permit those who would enter.
Page 83
We see no other way to give force to the appeal to others to _go_.
Page 98
” If a man receives the revelation God makes of his Son, or, rather, if he receives his Son, from the revelation he has made of him, and bows in submission to him, in accordance with the command to “Hear Him,” confesses with the mouth before men, what he believes in the heart, that “Jesus Christ is the Son of God,” and submits to the Divine test of loyalty, in the requirement to be buried with his Lord in baptism, while that great formula is uttered over him, “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,” he gives the highest assurance in his power to give, that he is changed in heart, that he loves God and will serve him, and is bound by the strongest pledge, the highest and most solemn obligation that ever did or ever can bind a human being, to love and serve God.
Page 104
If men live in unbelief, commit some capital offence,.
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vice and virtue—except the reward of one and the punishment of the other, received in this life.
Page 111
These assumptions are arrogant in the extreme, and not only arrogant, but made without any regard to facts.
Page 124
One man, more curious to know the fate of the masses, than his own duty to God and man, in our Lord’s lifetime asked him: “Lord are there few that be saved?” To this the Lord responded: “Strive to enter in at the straight gate; for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.
Page 184
They never authorized a Methodist steward, class-leader, circuit-rider, presiding elder, or bishop, any more than they authorized that unmeaning _bread and water love-feast_, the band-society, the class-meeting, circuit or conference, either quarterly, annual or general.
Page 197
They have no authority to make any other laws, no matter how near like his law, or how far from it.
Page 208
_ The sale of his various works toward the latter part of his life brought a considerable income.
Page 231
The man who is a christian ought to be united with other christians in a congregation where he can worship according to the Scriptures.
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Page 276
Neither Joseph Barker, nor any other man on the continent can give one good reason for his hatred of the Bible, or desire to ridicule it.
Page 302
The apostle Paul fits out the christian soldier and equips him for his work.
Page 313
After noting each of the points separately, in the _A.
Page 331