The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 3 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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Information to those who would remove to America 398

Concerning new settlements in America 409

A comparison of the conduct of the ancient Jews, and of the
Antifederalists in the United States of America 410

Final speech of Dr. Franklin in the late federal convention 416


The busy-body 421

The way to wealth, as clearly shown in the preface of an old Pensylvania
almanack, intitled, Poor Richard Improved 453

Advice to a young tradesman 463

Necessary hints to those that would be rich 466

The way to make money plenty in every man's pocket 467

New mode of lending money 468

An economical project

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_, V, 165.
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Thus being esteem'd an industrious thriving young Man, and paying duly for what I bought, the Merchants who imported Stationary solicited my Custom, others propos'd supplying me with Books, I went on swimmingly.
Page 328
That, at the first meetings of the members at Philadelphia, such rules be formed for regulating their meetings and transactions for the general benefit, as shall be convenient and necessary; to be afterwards changed and improved as there shall be occasion, wherein due regard is to be had to the advice of distant members.
Page 372
Athwart the Face of Earth the Deluge sweeps, And whelms the impious Nations in the Deeps: Again God spake----and at his pow'rful Call The raging Floods asswage, the Waters fall, The Tempests hear his Voice, and straight obey, And at his Thunder's Roar they haste away: .
Page 373
There he hath stretch'd abroad their liquid Plains, And there Omnipotence their Rage restrains, That Earth no more her Ruins may deplore, And guilty Mortals dread their Wrath no more.
Page 379
11 6 _others_ | | 12 | 23 | [Saturn] rise 5 42 | | 13 |[Taurus] 6 | Sirius so.
Page 416
But it does not follow, that _Mercury_ is therefore uninhabitable; since it can be no Difficulty for the Divine Power and Wisdom to accommodate the Inhabitants to the Place they are to inhabit; as the Cold we see Frogs and Fishes bear very well, would soon deprive any of our Species of Life.
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| 5 8 | 6 52 | | 13 | 2 | _sultry weather,_| 5 9 | 6 51 | | 14 | 3 | _clouds, and_ | 5 10 | 6 50 | | 15 | 4 |Assum.
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| M.
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Burlington May 21, and Nov.
Page 516
At _Queen's_ County the 1st, at _Suffolk_ the 2d, at _King's_ County the 3d, and at _West Chester_ the 4th tuesday in _September_.
Page 530
TO MISS CATHERINE RAY Philadelphia, Sept.
Page 568
We pretend to be _Christians_, and, from the superior Light we enjoy, ought to exceed _Heathens_, _Turks_, _Saracens_, _Moors_, _Negroes_ and _Indians_, in the Knowledge and Practice of what is right.
Page 671
Borealis_ pleased.
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Ohhh! what a devil of a physician! GOUT.
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Thus I consent, Sir, to this Constitution, because I expect no better, and because I am not sure that it is not the best.
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I shall only add, respecting myself, that, having experienced the Goodness of that Being in conducting me prosperously thro' a long life, I have no doubt of its Continuance in the next, though without the smallest Conceit of meriting such Goodness.
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