The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 3 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 60

after re-assemble by special summons.

The governor's message on that occasion.

The message of the assembly in regard to the inlisting purchased

General Shirley's letter of acknowledgment for a voluntary present of
clothing sent by the province to his troops.

The assembly remind the governor of the Indian trade bill.

He returns it with amendments; as also their bill for extending the

They adhere to their bills and assign their reasons.

The governor goes to Newcastle and the assembly adjourn.

Sir William Johnson's treaty with the six nations laid before them at
their next meeting.

The governor appearing strongly inclined to involve the province in
a war with the Delawares and Shawanese, some of the people called
Quakers petition for specific measures.

The governor on the other hand alarms the house with an account of a
number of people coming in a body to make _demands_ upon them.

Their unanimity on that occasion.

The governor takes advantage of this incident to declare war against
the said two Indian nations.

He also demands farther supplies, and intimates, that certain
Indians, long subsisted by the province, were retiring in discontent,

The assembly's answer.

The return made by the governor.

The resolutions of the assembly concerning a plan of military
operations communicated to them by the governor.

They adjourn and are re-assembled.

The governor's message to them from a place called _Harris's Ferry_.

A petition of the association companies in Philadelphia, concerning
the insufficiency of the militia law.

The reply of the assembly to the governor's message, accompanied with
a bill for prohibiting provisions.

Another session, and two other messages from the governor, who was
still posted at Harris's Ferry.

A money bill ordered, but postponed on the receipt of intelligence
from Sir Charles Hardy and Sir William Johnson, that the Delawares
and Shawanese were disposed to renew their alliance.

The governor proclaims a suspension of arms.

The assemblies' message to him, in which they again press him to pass
the Indian trade bill; he promises to reconsider it; and a second
time calls upon them to make some (additional) provision for his

Six members desire leave upon the adjournment to quit their seats,
and at the next session present a written paper to the house as a
testimonial thereof.

The resignation accepted and new writs issued.

The governor's message notifying the appointment of Lord Loudoun to
be commander in chief in America; as also the act of parliament for
raising a regiment of foreigners; recommending particularly, that the
masters of such indented servants as should engage in the service
might be indemnified; and that, as by the expiration of an act passed
in the Lower Counties, the Pensylvanian act, lately passed,

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