The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 3 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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four thousand
from Petersburgh to Pekin. This is enough to justify Dr. Franklin's
positions in the page above, without going into farther particulars.
B. V.

[43] Remarks, p. 47, 48, &c.

[44] The writer has [since] obtained accounts of the exports to
North America, and the West India Islands; by which it appears, that
there has been some increase of trade to those islands as well as to
North America, though in a much less degree. The following extract
from these accounts will show the reader at one view the amount of
the exports to each, in two different terms of five years; the terms
taken at ten years distance from each other, to show the increase,

_First term, from 1744 to 1748, inclusive._

_Northern Colonies._ _West India Islands._

1744 £.640,114 12 4 £.796,112 17 9

1745 534,316 2 5 503,669 19 9

1746 754,945 4 3 472,994 19 7

1747 726,648 5 5 856,463 18 6

1748 830,243 16 9 734,095 15 3
--------------- ---------------
Total, £.3,486,261 1 2 Tot. £.3,363,337 10 10

Difference, 122,930 10 4

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