Vie de Benjamin Franklin, écrite par lui-même - Tome II suivie de ses œuvres morales, politiques et littéraires

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 135

Morts à-la-fois, vinrent à la même heure,
Se présenter à la porte des cieux.
L'Ange paroît, demande à chacun d'eux
Quel est son culte; et le premier s'approche,
Disant:--«Tu vois un bon Mahométan».


Entre mon cher, et tournant vers ta gauche,
Tu trouveras le quartier Musulman.


Moi, je suis Juif.


Entre, et cherche une place
Parmi les Juifs. Toi, qui fait la grimace
À cet Hébreu, qu'es-tu?




Soit; entre et va, sans t'étonner de rien,
T'asseoir au temple où s'assemblent tes frères.




Eh bien, entre, et garde ton chapeau.
Dans ce bosquet les Quakers sédentaires
Forment un club; on y fume.




J'ai le bonneur

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The people are weary of sectarianism, and ready to hear something intelligible on the way of salvation.
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When the people went away from the temple and abandoned him, and only a few disciples remained with him, and he inquired of them: “Will you also go away?” the prospect looked dim, but the Lord did not change his course.
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As to _fine_ paper, covers, etc.
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When we wish to examine any point of doctrine, we proceed upon the inductive plan, and take all the Bible contains as the mind of God upon that point.
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” The angels of God shouted when Jesus was born, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth _peace_ and good will toward man.
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” He would not be drawn aside from the center of attraction in the kingdom of God.
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august message at his command, should it not be the delight of those redeemed by his blood, to do his will, that they enter by the gates into the city, and have a right to the tree of life? Who can, who dare slumber in his presence? Who dare be indifferent to the theme that dwelt upon his gracious lips? When he speaks it is the voice of a king—more, it is the voice of the King of kings and Lord of lords; it is the voice of him who is to bear all rule, all authority and power, until all his enemies are subdued.
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_ Men that contribute liberally of their substance to support those who are devoted to preaching, and see that their money goes to the men that do the work.
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If we comply not with these terms he will not receive us, and no saint has any right to receive us.
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He should introduce the gospel into new places, establish churches, and in due time set them in order.
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Every man who does not do this, manifestly repudiates the practice and teachings of the holy apostles.
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” With this righteous explanation, the Baptist walked by the side of his Lord, not knowing him to be his Savior, for he says, “I knew him not, but he who sent me to baptize, said, ‘On whomsoever you see the Holy Spirit descending and remaining, that is he.
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The Bible was their book.
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If the preacher is a man of enterprise, he can have an engagement for a sermon, a lecture, a meeting for prayer, or something of the kind almost every night, either in the church, or some place in a short distance in the community, where he may be waking up some interest among the people.
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It is from God.
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—We have had some of the best speakers in the world here, and the truth is, the people here know what good talent is, and they will not be satisfied with ordinary men.
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There they stand irrevocably, so far as we are concerned.