Vie de Franklin, écrite par lui-même - Tome I Suivie de ses œuvres morales, politiques et littéraires

By Benjamin Franklin

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ma connoissance, le premier qui a mêlé la
narration et le dialogue, manière d'écrire attrayante pour le lecteur,
qui dans les endroits les plus intéressans, se trouve admis dans la
société des personnages dont parle l'auteur, et présent à leur
conversation. Defoe a suivi avec succès cette méthode, dans son
_Robinson Crusoé_, dans sa _Molly Flanders_, et dans d'autres ouvrages;
et Richardson en a fait de même dans sa _Pamela_ et ailleurs.

En approchant de l'île, nous nous apperçûmes que nous étions dans un
endroit, où nous ne pouvions point aborder, à cause des forts brisans
qu'occasionnoient les rochers qui hérissoient la côte. Nous jetâmes
l'ancre et filâmes le cable vers le rivage. Quelques hommes, qui étoient
sur le bord de l'eau, nous hélèrent, tandis que nous les hélions aussi;
mais le vent étoit si fort et la vague si bruyante, que nous ne pouvions
distinguer ce que nous disions ni les uns ni les autres. Il y avoit des
canots sur la plage. Nous leur criâmes et leur fîmes des signes pour les
engager à venir nous chercher: mais soit qu'ils ne nous comprissent pas,
soit qu'ils jugeassent que ce que nous demandions étoit impraticable,
ils se retirèrent. La nuit approchoit, et le seul parti qui nous resta,
étoit d'attendre patiemment que le vent s'appaisât. Pendant ce temps-là,
nous résolûmes, le pilote et moi, d'essayer de nous endormir. Nous nous
mîmes en conséquence, sous l'écoutille, où étoit le Hollandais, encore
tout mouillé. Mais nous fûmes bientôt presqu'aussi trempés que lui; car
la lame qui passoit par-dessus le pont, nous atteignit dans notre

Durant toute la nuit, nous n'eûmes que très-peu de repos. Le lendemain,
le calme nous permit de gagner Amboy avant la fin du jour. Nous avions
passé trente heures, sans avoir de quoi manger et sans autre boisson
qu'une bouteille de mauvais rhum, l'eau sur laquelle nous fîmes route,
étant salée. Le soir, je me couchai avec une fièvre violente. J'avois lu
quelque part, que dans ces cas, l'eau fraîche, bue en abondance, étoit
un bon remède. Je suivis ce précepte; je suai beaucoup la plus grande
partie de la nuit, et la fièvre me quitta.

Le jour suivant, je passai le bac et continuai mon voyage à pied.
J'avois cinquante milles à faire pour arriver à Burlington, où l'on
m'avoit dit que je trouverois des bateaux de passage qui me porteroient
à Philadelphie. La pluie tomba avec force toute la journée; de sorte que
je fus mouillé jusqu'à la peau. Vers midi, me trouvant fatigué, je
m'arrêtai dans un mauvais cabaret, où je passai le reste du jour et
toute la nuit. Je

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[5] He went on, however, with the undertaking; I was employed to carry the papers to the customers, after having worked in composing the types and printing off the sheets.
Page 24
After dinner, my host having shown me to a bed, I lay myself on it, without undressing, and slept till six in the evening, when I was called to supper.
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From my example a great many of them.
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by water, to see the college and Don Saltero's curiosities.
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I would say to him, sir, I solicit the history of your life, from the following motives: "Your history is so remarkable, that, if you do not give it, somebody else will most certainly give it; and perhaps so as nearly to do as much harm as your own management of the thing might do good.
Page 70
"The nearest thing to having experience of one's own, is to have other people's affairs brought before us in a shape that is interesting; this is sure to happen from your pen.
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Charles Brockden, to put the whole in form of articles of agreement to be subscribed; by which each subscriber engaged to pay a certain sum down for the first purchase of the books, and an annual contribution for increasing them.
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This library afforded me the means of improvement by constant study, for which I set apart an hour or two each day; and thus I repaired, in some degree, the loss of the learned education my father once intended for me.
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, "Father of light and life, thou God supreme! Oh teach me what is good; teach me thyself! Save me from folly, vanity, and vice, From every low pursuit; and fill my soul .
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In this piece it was my design to explain and enforce this doctrine, _that vicious actions are not hurtful because they are forbidden, but forbidden because they are hurtful_; the nature of man alone considered: that it was, therefore, every one's interest to be virtuous, who wished to be happy even in this world: and I should, from this circumstance (there being always in the world a number of rich merchants, nobility, states, and princes who have need of honest instruments for the management of their affairs, and such being so rare), have endeavoured to convince young persons, that no qualities are so likely to make a poor man's fortune as those of _probity_ and _integrity_.
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and useful, and it accordingly came to be in such demand that I reaped considerable profit from it, vending annually near ten thousand.
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This I advised; but he was resolute in his first project, rejected my counsel, and I therefore refused to contribute.
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But I am got forward too fast with my story: there are still some transactions to be mentioned that happened during the administration of Governor Morris.
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In conversation with him one day, he was giving me some account of his intended progress.
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Seeing the trees fall so fast, I had the curiosity to look at my watch when two men began to cut a pine; in six minutes they had it upon the ground, and I found it of fourteen inches diameter: each pine made three palisades of eighteen feet long, pointed at one end.
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In 1709, Hawkesbec communicated some important observations and experiments to the world.
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The plan which he had originally proposed was to erect on some high tower or other elevated place a sentry-box, from which should rise a pointed iron rod, insulated by being fixed in a cake of resin.
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Turks to Scripture Christians! They would have been safer, though they had been taken in actual war against the Saracens, if they had once drank water with them.